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CrossFit is a group fitness class where we conduct the WOD (workout of the day) at six different timings a day, 5:30am, 9:30am, 5:30pm and 6:35pm. You can come to any of these sessions and there is no need to book once you have completed your free trial session. We offer FREE intro classes, FREE chiliding minding Mon-Sat 9:30am classes, Junior Fit Classes for the little ones and we also have two kids rooms that can be used for all other classes. We are a locally owned and operated family friendly box. 

Every session runs for one hour, and all you need to bring is a water bottle and appropriate clothing/footwear. If you are committed, you may want to get a CrossFit bag together with some spare clothes, long socks, hand guards, lifting shoes, a towel and your own personal skipping rope. 

Typically there are three different types of CrossFit WODs, the most common session is “For Time” this is where you are given a workout and you complete it as quick as you can. The next is an “AMRAP” (as many rounds (or reps) as possible) where you are given a task and a set time and you complete it as many times through as you can in that set time. Lastly a “For Load” session, or strength session, you are given RM (repetition maximum) ranges and you find the heaviest weight you can lift safely that amount of repetitions. Each session we record the result of our workout on the whiteboard, and the results are posted on the CFTE Social Page on Facebook. This is so you can track your progress and see how far you have come in your fitness journey. The WOD is different every day and will be up on our website ( each day under the 'WOD' tab.

In the beginning it is imperative that you listen in intently to all instructions and really try your best to master all of the techniques that are shown to you. You may not Rx’d (conduct the WOD as it says on the website) when you first start, in fact it is important that the workouts are scaled to work on the mechanics of each movement, then once you show ability to do them consistently we can add intensity to the workout. There will be a coach, or a couple, with you every step of the way. We brief the workout, demonstrate the exercises and give the scaling for each of the exercises every single session, so you always know exactly what you are doing and the workout is always within your ability, yet challenging at the same time. Starting can be a little daunting, but our advice is to just come in and give it a go! We offer free trial sessions, at no obligation, so you can come and see whether it is right for you. Almost 100% of people who do their free trial session absolutely love their experience, and cannot wait to get back in and go again. CrossFit is always different, so you never get bored. Challenging, but fun so you see great results, quick. Community oriented, so you share your experiences with like-minded people who are all here for the same reason. To build a healthy and happy you!

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3/22 Miles Road, Berrimah Business Park

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